Tarot Bella

Most of you know, or can at least guess, that I’n very intuitive and believe strongly in the worlds of magic, Universal energy, and the old ways.

So I was thrilled when the lovely tarot reader, Kerry at TarotBella.etsy.com offered to pull my cards and do a reading for me. That said, I’d never had a reading long distance before and boy was this long distance, she’s in England! So I was definitely hesitant about how this was going to work.

Turns out my worries were unfounded because I was impressed.

Right off the bat the first thing my reading said was that I am clairsentient. How she knew this I have no idea because we hadn’t spoken of it. Clairsentience is not one of the more commonly discussed psychic gifts. Clairvoyant is the norm, or Telepathic or even Sensitive. But clairsentient, the ability to feel the dead, is a pretty random word to pull out of one’s hat. I was suitably taken aback.

The reading went on to discuss my immediate future, which apparently was ruled by cup cards and would be full of expanding career opportunities (my newly redesigned main Instagram account perhaps? Hmmm….).

There was a section given to my spirit guide. And another to my actual card spread. Which when it boiled all down told me that the inner turmoil I’ve been feeling lately had very strong roots in a subtle feeling of disconnect in my social media. It’s good to know the universe backs me up in my decision to make some changes!

And all of it was presented beautifully with Halloween graphics, lovely fonts and black and white photos.

Kerry herself is the tarot reader for UK Cosmopolitan magazine and UK newspaper, The Sun. Clearly the woman has some talent.

She has her own Etsy shop as well where you can get your own readings.

And to top it all off she’s just the sweetest, most humble person. Really there’s just nothing not to like here.

Check her out and tell her I sent you.


Till next time, Misfits!


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