Happy Deceased Anniversary

Girl in coffin at calico ghost town

As you may recall from my IG stories I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago with my Beast Fiend for a last minute two day whirlwind playdate. We had lots of fun doing many and sundry things but one thing that happened I didn’t share on my stories. That was how I passed along an anniversary message from a deceased wife to her husband.

I’ve mentioned it before but I haven’t really delved too deeply here into one of more unusual talents. Briefly; I’ve always been a “sensitive” but a Near Death Experience several years ago has turned that into a full blown clairsentience with a dash of clairvoyance and clairaudience as well.

Feeling the dead is pretty much a full time experience for me. They are, after all, everywhere. But because my gift is more in the feels range as opposed to a ghost just saying, “tell Uncle Joe I left the will in the basement cabinet” it’s been really difficult for me to be able to offer much help unless someone seeks me out and asks me to reach out to someone. And even then all I can offer is vague images and emotions. So I mostly exist with my ghosts quietly.

Vegas was different. The Beast Fiend insisted on a buffet for dinner so we were in line waiting and a lovely older gent was right in front of us. When the Beast Fiend and I get together we’re pretty extra so this gentleman started talking to us. He was there in Vegas celebrating his anniversary. Only…his wife was dead. He was there without her. Now he wasn’t completely alone, he had a friend there, but he was alone for dinner and I could just feel how much he missed her.

As we were standing there I started to feel the familiar buzzing I get when a ghost is around and the conversation with this man and my friend faded into the background. I kept seeing a dog. And a feeling of love and concern.

I focused and taking a chance on not offending him I blurted, “Do you have a dog?”

No, he answered. But they used to have two and both of them were in the room with her when he came home to find her dead.

“She wants you to know it’s ok and she says Happy Anniversary.”

He didn’t say anything and his face was sort of blank.

I said, “I hope I havent upset or offended you.”

No, he said. He was just a little overwhelmed. He’d been waiting for years to get some sort of sign that she was ok.

I told him that I thought he’d just got it.

We all went our own ways and that was that.

Like I said its a rare opportunity when I can help someone like that, especially a stranger, and it always leaves me vaguely wondering if I should have kept my mouth shut instead. Maybe all it did was give him a good story to laugh about with his friends and make fun of. I like to think, however, that it actually gave him some peace and helped him feel not so alone on his Anniversary.

Til next time, my darling Misfits,

Jacqueline, the Victorian Haunt

Gothic girl in hat and black

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