About Me

I’ve modelled since I was 18. No wait, that’s not true. My first modeling gig was when I was five.  That was over four decades ago, so I’d say I’ve well honed my craft since then. But when I was eighteen I was scouted by an American Scout for a Parisian Modeling agency and a week later was on my way to Paris.  I hated it.  For about 3 months, then I fell in love with the city, and soon after a man, and consequently a large part of who I am now was born during the year I lived there.  After Paris, I moved to and was based in New York City for three years. While there, I met my first husband, Phil Collen, lead guitarist for the rock band, Def Leppard.  When our son, Rory, was born we moved our little family to Los Angeles and I’ve been based here ever since. I started acting once we got too L.A. and enjoyed a pretty active career in that industry, including some small parts in some pretty major films, some major parts in some pretty small films, and the leading lady for the first season of a Syndicated network TV Show.  Not long after my first husband and I divorced, I retired at age 28 from the spotlight of professional acting and modeling and started several successful small businesses under the brand name Toadstool Farm. I have a large following as a Fairy/Fantasy Artist, and I daresay I’m pretty well-known in the Baroque Horse World as a trainer and breeder. I’ve even published a novel ( you can get it on Amazon). My current passion, and business, is Vintage Clothing and Home Goods.  I’ve also since re-married, to actor Dean Tarrolly, and have a daughter, Antonia, and a house full of animals of all sorts.  During these years I’ve also continued modeling, though very selectively, and recently decided to get involved in it on a larger scale. I hope you enjoy this blog and portfolio of my work, both past and present and look forward to hearing from you and collaborating on your project.

Contact me via email at jacquelinemariemourning@gmail.com

Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly, Model, Entrepreneur, Celebrity, Instagram Girl
My first modeling gig. Age 5.


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