Meet My Dogs

It’s no secret I love animals. They show up alot in my Instagram stories and other social media and I have an entire second Instagram devoted to my five horses. But today I thought I’d introduce you to my four dogs.

First, there’s Cisco, a six year old chihuahua. He’s really my daughter’s dog but when she’s at school he keeps me company while I work. Weighing a tiny seven pounds he still somehow manages to rule the dog pack.

Next is Moppet. He’s about seven years old. We don’t know for sure because he’s a rescue. I found him on the street and his fur was so overgrown he looked like a filthy old mop, hence the name Moppet. He had Matt’s under his eyes the size of my thumbs, the poor guy. But now he lives with us and is very loved.

Next up is Tank. He’s about two years old and also a rescue (actually all of them are rescues). He came to live with us last year after the second of our two senior dogs passed away just a few mo ths after the last one had. We were all pretty shellshocked with grief and I thought bringing him home from our friends unofficial dog rescue just for a night or two might cheer us up. He never ended up going back to my friend’s. We cant imagine our family without him now.

Last is our newest addition, Luna. She’s a husky, who-knows-what mix with, we suspect, a touch of wolf. I stumbled across Luna sitting in a Rescue’s window last Fathers Day and it was pretty much love at first sight. Luna very strongly resembles my beloved and much missed Ella, a lab/coyote mix I had for 16 years and who I was extremely bonded to. The year and a half after she died before Luna came was devastating. I’m pretty sure Luna is Ella reincarnated for many more reasons than just the physical resemblance. It’s made all the difference to me.

So that’s my pack. All four of them adored and probably spoiled rotten. I work from home so spend the majority of my day without any human company (which is probably why my social media is so important to me) and my little crew here keep me from feeling alone.

Till next time, Misfits



Welcome to a New World


Gosh, I’ve had this website just sitting here for a few years now. I think my last post in it was 2016.  I knew I wanted to keep it, but I just could not see what its final use was going to be. It went through one incarnation as a random blog… didn’t like that, it felt contrived because I really didn’t know what to say or how to promote it. Then it was a portfolio of sorts for a bit. Then it became just a place holder for the last year-ish. But thankfully, inspiration has struck and I know what to do!

For a while now I’ve felt so pulled in so many directions with my online world. I LOVE Instagram. It can be such an art form and I’ve embraced that aspect of it fully and without reserve. After all, I spent ten years of my life as a professional fantasy artist. I NEED an artistic expression.  I have five working accounts there, though one is secondary to another so I wont include it here.   Each of my accounts is dedicated to a specific aspect of my life. There is the Gothic model account which is my main account. There is a personal version of that same gothic world. Then there is the account dedicated to my horses and magical outdoorsy, Tolkien inspired life. And lastly there is my business account for my Vintage store.   I am deeply attached and involved in all of them but I also really wish I could find a way to tie it all together.   As of this writing I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 thousand followers, but they are spread out over the various accounts with my modeling one being the largest at just over 38K.   Many of my followers follow all of the accounts, but not all. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place I can have ALL of it together?   I can’t really do that on Instagram, or at least I have yet to figure out a way to do that and have it be cohesive and visually appealing. I tried it on YouTube for a bit and still have my account there as well. But I found videos extremely time consuming and rather frustrating to edit well, and as this is not how I earn my living, they sort of fell by the wayside. I can, however, do it here.

I like to write, have in fact written and published a book ( see the link above), and had numerous articles published in magazines and so forth.  Having a blog will be relatively easy to maintain, and as there is always something happening across the sundry aspects of my world I will not lack for material with which to regale you with.  But be prepared, one day I may be talking about my horses, the next it might be a vintage shopping trip, and the third day I may show you some rehearsal photos from a ballet I am dancing in. In other words, expect to be shown just about anything and everything from my current life.

So does this mean I’m giving up my Instagrams? Oh gosh no! I love them too much.  This is in addition to that. I might talk about some of the same things but I can flesh it out here a lot more fully and show more photos/media.  That said, I’m still pondering how I can combine some of my accounts without losing the aesthetic of each one that I love and need so there may be some future changes at some point there.

For now, we’ll just start with this and see where it takes us, yes? Until next time…

Safe journey, Misfits!!!