My Gothic Modeling

I have been modeling since the mid 1980s. Back then I did very much mainstream work; Vogue, Glamour, Elle, numerous catalogs and commercials, and so on.  After retiring in my late 20s, I continued to do photo shoots with select photographers for projects and ideas that interested me. Several years ago I decided to go back to modeling but on a strictly self imposed basis. No agents, no contracts, no other people telling me what to do or how to look or where to be. In the age of social media this was a much more viable direction to pursue than it was back when I first started.  I have always been drawn to the darker aesthetic and so I decided to throw myself into that and be a gothic model. Part of my goal has been to show the world that Gothic doesn’t have to be the purview of the young. I was in my mid 40s when I started this and though I have run into some roadblocks, for the most part I have been accepted and embraced by this genre.

Below is a sampling of my modeling work rom the last few years.

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